AultCare as an Employer

Whenever I see Esurance’s “built to save money” commercial, it reminds me of the AultCare Insurance Company. I wanted to write a post about it for some time but resisted due to the possibility that it may very well be taken as “I am just saying so because AultCare is my employer”. Nevertheless I decided to write about it because it is important to understand that the organizational cultures and their mission statements are more than just mere operating rules. The kind of culture an organization implements affects its workers on multiple levels.

My first experience with AultCare

I joined AultCare to consult on a small two week project. I arrived in Canton the day before my project started and booked a hotel for the duration of the work. Being a first timer in the area I had no clue where things are located. All I knew was how to get to AultCare. (My hotel was at about 15 miles distance from work).

On my first day I arrived at work a little early and the whole day went great. However, at the end of the day when leaving for my hotel, I realized that the roads where I came from had been closed for repairs and I had to find a detour.

I was standing in the parking lot looking at the Canton city map trying to figure out the way when one of the individuals who also worked at AultCare stopped and asked me if I needed help. I told him about my hotel, my first day at work and my first time in Canton. This guy without any hesitation told me to follow him and hopped back in his car. He drove 15 miles and up to the entrance of my hotel to make sure I got back safely. Back in LA this kind of courtesy is unheard of.

The value of community

On my orientation day after getting hired by the company, we (the group of new hires) learned about the company, its history and its mission statement. AultCare was conceived to have a solid solution that offers a low cost insurance to the community. Throughout the orientation, it was hammered into the new employees that we owe our success to our community and that community is our number one priority. This is the reason that AultCare is non-profit, prefers to give business to the local mom and pop shops and employs real people for customer service instead of those automated robots.

The helping hand

At Aultman and AultCare everyone recognizes that you are a new employee from your badge. So as a new member of the company I found myself among 5000+ folks who were asking me if I needed help.

Bottom line

AultCare is proof that you can run a big company with a family environment. It is important that businesses walk the walk like they talk the talk if their employees are expected to adopt the ideology they are trying to convey. Ask any employee of AultCare, what is your company about? The answer will be “The Community”.

Esurance’s Commercial (Built to save money)

AultCare’s Commercial

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