How to become a Freemason

Freemasonry, just like any other institution, has its laws, rules and regulations. While it is open to all men, irregardless of their race or religion, certain restrictions do apply. And since I am frequently asked about the process of getting into Masonry I decided to write a post about it. Here I have tried to put them in easier to read format and hope this helps anyone looking into Freemasons.

Eligibility Requirements:

First let’s get the requirements out of the way. In order to be eligible to become a Mason, one must:

  1. Believe in a supreme being (must profess a belief in God) 
  2. Must be of 19 years of age 
  3. Be a man of good character

Some Notes:

Here are some notes that you may need to know.

  1. In order to become a Freemason, you must ask a Mason. This is why we say ASK12B1. 
  2. There is an annual fee that Freemasons pay to their lodges (about $70 on average) the amount varies from place to place. 
  3. Masonry is not a simple membership but rather a journey of knowledge. You are required to memories different things and there are examinations. The teacher is provided to each member so that they can learn. 
  4. Once you are made a Mason, you can visit any other Freemason Lodges around the world.

How to Start:

  1. Find a Mason in your area and tell him of your desire to become a Mason. If you can’t find one, Google Masonic Lodges near you and go visit them. (Consequently if you are able to visit the Lodge in Canton, Ohio area, you can contact me). 
  2. Your Freemason friend will get you a petition. 
  3. Fill out the petition along with the appropriate processing fee (normally $150). 
  4. Your Freemason friend will sign your petition and submit it to the Freemason lodge. 
  5. The petition will be read aloud in a Lodge meeting and an investigation committee will be formed. 
  6. The investigation committee will contact you so that they can come visit you. (This meeting is to check why you want to join and if your spouse is ok with your decision? etc.) 
  7. After the committee has conducted its interview, the results are reported back to the Lodge. 
  8. The Lodge members then vote on you where a single “no vote” can cause your petition to be rejected. (This is where the termed “black balled” comes from). 
  9. If the vote is clear and your petition is approved, the Lodge Secretary schedules a day for your initiation. 
  10. And the Journey Begins… 

Here is a petition for McKinley Lodge #431 located in Canton, Ohio. You will only need to fill the first page.

I wish you all the best on your Journey!

So Mote It Be!

Raza Fayyaz
Junior Warden
F&AM Mckinley Lodge 431
Canton, Ohio

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