Search Engine Optimization for Executives

If you own a business or you are an executive in the corporate world, chances are you may have heard the work “SEO” from your marketing department. Contrary to how SEO companies portray the difficulty of this task, the SEO or Search engine optimization is a relatively simple process.

So what is SEO?

Search engines crawl different websites to learn about what genre they belong to, how famous they are and what kind of information they provide. It is during the crawling process that the search engines index web pages, sort information, summarize keywords and assign ranking numbers.

When you search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, the results that you see are sorted by the rankings assigned to them by the crawling engines and their relevance to your search.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the rank of a particular website.

Why it is important

More than 60% of the population these days starts their search from internet for everything they need. This includes the search for local area services. This means that your ranking versus your competitor matters.

Your strategic plan should include a good website which is simple and easy to use and a web team who understands what they need to do to keep your website on top.

How it is done

There is no single guaranteed method that will get you an automatic higher ranking. However, there are different things that you can do to increase your chances of getting good marks.

Offer unique content

Your web content is what makes your website special. Google’s spiders look for plagiarism during the crawling process and assign a lower rank if the information you are offering is also available on hundreds of other websites. The key is to offer unique content and focus on quality over quantity.

Stay close to the subject

Offer content that is relevant to the type of your business or website. You can get a lower ranking if the keywords and description of your page is different than what’s in the body of the page. You need to make sure that the keywords appear inside the content of your webpages.

Update frequently

Have you ever noticed that within minutes of new content being posted at New York Times’ website, it becomes available on Google? This happens because the more frequently you update you site, the more often Google will check back for changes.
Adding fresh content every so often will help build a reputation among search engines that your website is an active one and that they should crawl more frequently.

Meta Tags

Meta Tag is a set of data which is used to define website, its purpose, its author and its modification date.

They look like as follows:

name=”description” content=”Our website specializes in Free Web tutorials”>
<meta name=”keywords”
<meta name=”author” content=”Author Name”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>

Among these tags, the most important ones are the description and the Keyword meta tag. Keywords are a combination of words and terms that defines your website, your niche and your business.

An effective way to add keywords to your website is by not overdoing them. Start by writing down three or four keywords that are most relevant to your website and add them to your website.

When your keywords and your content speak the same language and reflect your niche, you will have a powerful SEO implementation on your side.

Here is an example of how my Meta Tags show up in search engines.

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