Obama, Romney and the Medicare cuts

Recently Obama accused Romney of “ending Medicare as we know it”. The Romney camp fired back saying “it is Obama who is endangering Medicare by already cutting billions from it” and that it is the Republicans who are trying to save it. So who is right?

Middle Class & The ObamaCare Taxes

The Obamacare mandate brings more than one kind of tax with it and it may actually affect the middle class. Before you read further, I would like to make it clear that my intention is not to take sides or bash Democrats or Republicans. I have done my earnest effort…

Must have features in Private Health Exchanges

Regardless of the healthcare reform’s long term future, the private exchanges are here to stay. The idea of private health exchanges came at a time when employers were eager to explore new options due to the rising medical costs and the exchanges gave them that new option.

Health reform and the ACA approved. Now what?

SCOTUS ruled the healthcare reform as being constitutional if seen through the tax law. Even though it is a win for Democrats, to me it looked like the Republicans followed the “lose the war but win the battle” strategy. The way Justice Robert ruled, the tax (penalty) part of the…