Extension-less URL Rewrite in ASP.NET

URL rewriting is on the most powerful and important feature one can implement when developing websites. Among many benefits the most obvious ones are security and easy to follow paths. Rewriting rules hide the querystring variables being passed and make it easier for search engines and visitors to understand and…

ASP.NET Password in Web Config

Security requirements for account login credentials can vary among different .NET projects. In some cases we have specific requirements for minimum required password length, password strength and the format the password will be stored in the database. These requirements can be easily changed through web.config’s membership > provider area.

Retrieving the COM class factory error: 80004027

One of the teams that I manage were working on a .net based web single-sign-on project. The specifications included a COM DLL file which had to be registered on the server. The development team successfully implemented the SSO on the localhost and then proceeded to move the items to the…